What does it mean to be UL-Certified as a Central Monitoring Station?

Not all monitoring stations or alarm services are equal. When selling a monitoring service, you want to ensure that your customers are receiving the best. Knowing that your alarm service is UL-certified as a central monitoring station gives you the peace of mind to know that your customers are being kept safe. It’s also a major selling point that you can use when discussing your product with potential customers.

How UL Certifies a Central Monitoring Station

A central monitoring station that is certified by UL has to meet certain rigorous standards. UL is a third-party global company that independently ranks different services. As a neutral company, UL gives out certifications to only those that can safely meet their criteria. UL has been in the business for over 100 years and inspects and certifies a multitude of systems across various industries.

UL-certified central monitoring stations will undergo periodic audits to determine whether the station is still in compliance in addition to their initial inspections. Companies that desire UL-certification must undergo a complete inspection every six months and must maintain their standards throughout the course of their certification.

The Requirements for a Central Monitoring Station

A UL-certified central monitoring station must meet certain requirements regarding the training of staff members, the power systems they use, the generators available, the performance of staff members, the actual equipment they use, the maintenance procedures they have, and more. The requirements for a central monitoring station are quite comprehensive and extend to every area of the security system.

Companies that have retained their UL-certification for many years are companies that take pride in their work. They maintain the best physical systems and the best staff members throughout their operation and are always ready to provide exceptional customer service to their clients.

Why Being a UL-Certified Central Monitoring Station is Important

Having a UL-certified monitoring station is a fantastic selling point for your clients. Homeowners will be assured that they are doing business with a reputable company that consistently meets very high standards. Not all home alarm companies are certified by UL, and you can point this fact out to your prospective customers.

Customers that want to know if their alarm system is certified can request to see the UL certificate or search the ul.com website for certified providers in their state. Customers that want to learn more about the UL certification system for central stations and other providers in the alarm industry should visit http://www.ul.com/global/eng/pages/offerings/industries/lifesafetyandsecurity/alarmsystems/