Trusted Central Station Monitoring Company Switches to New Software

At Alarm Control Center, we constantly keep up with the latest changes and solutions that affect how we serve our dealers and their own clients. Sometimes these changes or solutions require us to modify how we do things, especially if they will benefit everyone in the long run. To that end, we have switched to a Micro Key Solutions-developed software that gives our dealers more tools for their business as we maintain our central station monitoring.

Since 1985, Micro Key Solutions has been providing software that handles accounting, service, and central station automation for the security alarm industry. Because they understand the challenges that security alarm providers have, they ensure that their software serves their client base. Essentially, their software is made by alarm dealers for alarm dealers. At Alarm Control Center, we made the switch to their software last year.

We use Micro Key’s software solutions for the many things that they offer. One of them, Millennium Monitoring Dealer Access, enables us to empower our dealers through a variety of features. Among the features of Millennium Monitoring Dealer Access include allowing us to create a simple interface for our dealers, enabling them to put accounts on/off test, and giving them the ability to view an alarm event.

A good part about Micro Key’s software is that it lets us give our dealers exceptional control over the accounts and information of their clients. Through the software, we allow our dealers to access testing information, add zones, attach to-call lists, cancel accounts, put in temporary notes, and update their customers’ information.

Another good thing is that Micro Key features mobile monitoring products for our dealers. Known as Millennium Monitoring Mobile Products, they let our dealers or their technicians bring all their office capabilities and information with them without taking multiple trips to and from their offices. Either of them can put accounts on test through their mobile devices without communicating with the central station operator.

Through Micro Key’s solutions, we can serve our dealers better. After all, we have been in business for more than 40 years, so we understand the nuances of the alarm industry. We also pride ourselves in working productively with our dealers and their customers, as well as any local authorities if the need arises.

At Alarm Control Center, we invite our dealers to understand more about the features and benefits that the new software offers them. Other interested parties also find out more about our central monitoring station by visiting us at today.