Trusted Central Station Monitoring Company Upgrades to New Software

The Alarm Control Center, your trusted central station monitoring company in Springfield, MO, has upgraded to a new monitoring software. This improvement is part of our continuing efforts to provide dealers like you with state-of-the-art security systems, as well as affordable and reliable wholesale alarm monitoring services.

Our new software enables you to use tools like Millennium Monitoring Dealer Access and Millennium Monitoring Mobile Products. The first is a web-based dealer access central station platform that provides real-time reports. It features a simple-to-use interface that allows you to easily view alarm events, add zones, access testing information, update customer information, and add temporary notes. All these translate to you having unprecedented control over your clients’ accounts and information.

In turn, Millennium Monitoring Mobile Products give your staff mobile access to records, reports, and tasks. They also enable you to set up a virtual operator, which lets you test accounts using a mobile device and without speaking to a central station operator. In doing so, you can cut on labor costs and also save time.

Having been in business for over 40 years, we understand the ins and outs of our industry. We are aware of how important it is to accurately detect break-ins and emergency situations in order to prevent damage to lives and properties. This is why we constantly update our security systems to provide cost-efficient services for you and your clients.

Our central monitoring station in Springfield houses the most advanced technology that keeps and manages essential information and personalized security system details across the United States. This modern facility allows us to quickly respond to your service requests, including the cancellation of unnecessary emergency work. The equipment in our station help us speedily detect forced entries, fire, or carbon monoxide in your clients’ homes or businesses. These also alert our reliable emergency response team of any security problems so they can resolve issues before any further damage is caused.

This same high-tech monitoring and quick-response technology is also integrated in our wholesale monitoring services. We don’t just help you install security systems in your client’s home, we also monitor these once that’s done. And because we manage all our services from our central station, you are guaranteed that your clients’ properties are simultaneously being watched at reduced wait times.

If your clients need a state-of-the-art alarm monitoring service for their property or if you are looking for an additional revenue stream, work with us. Contact us through today.