Reliable Wholesale Alarm Monitoring Services Help Security Professionals Gain an Edge over the Competition


Rich Miller, associate editor for Security Systems News, reports that demand for security equipment is expected to rise globally until the year 2016, based on a study conducted by The Freedonia Group.

Global demand for security equipment will increase 7 percent annually to $117 billion in 2016, driven by a strong rebound in construction activity and advances in electronic security technology, according to a new report from The Freedonia Group.
The research company, based here, said electronic products accounted for nearly 65 percent of security equipment sales in 2011, with the segment expected to post much stronger sales gains than mechanical security products through 2016.
“Demand will be driven by the ongoing improvements in design that give electronic systems greater functionality, while also making them increasingly user-friendly and cost-effective,” the report stated. “Not only will these improvements help boost market penetration, they will also spur a strong replacement and upgrade market.”

Miller states that the projected global increase in the demand for security equipment involves both residential and commercial users, but with the bulk of additional users coming from the residential sector. In North America, the increase in demand is projected to increase by 6.5% each year through 2016. The research further reveals that this increase will be spurred by several factors, including the US economic rebound, perceived high crime risk, and increasingly affordable alarm systems.

Such encouraging figures can subsequently result in a more competitive playing field for security installers and providers who can maintain an edge over the competition by providing residential and commercial clients with affordable monitoring systems to go with technologically advanced equipment. In this regard, reliable and affordable wholesale alarm monitoring services from companies like Alarm Control Center will prove to be of great value to any security system provider. Indeed, many in the industry say that professional monitoring serves as the “backbone” of any security package.

The study further reveals that false alarms will continue to be the biggest concern among security system providers. Providers who can minimize costly false alarms will consequently have the advantage in the market. These firms can certainly count on trusted wholesale alarm monitoring companies who invest in the kind of cutting-edge monitoring software that can cancel false distress calls before emergency response teams are dispatched.

(From Demand for security equipment projected to rise 7 percent a year through 2016,, May 20, 2013)