Central Monitoring Station

The Central Monitoring Station at Alarm Control Center

The central monitoring station at Alarm Control Center performs as our main security hub and it is located in the heart of Springfield, MO. It securely houses all of the necessary customized information and personalized security system details, as well as the response dispatch for a variety of properties across the United States.

State-of-the-art Security System

Alarm Control Center’s central monitoring station was created using the most advanced technology and alarm monitoring software to minimize the chance of false alarms. It also allows us to quickly respond and cancel unnecessary emergency service requests, which will reduce costly false alarm fees.

Our nationwide, wholesale alarm monitoring services are all managed out of one central monitoring station to reduce wait times and to ensure that all properties are simultaneously being watched. All of your clients can rest easy knowing that their investment is safe and secure even when they are not there to protect it themselves.

Fast Responses to Threats against Your Clients’ Property

Our central station monitoring services are able to quickly detect any forced entries, fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide on your clients’ homes or businesses. The appropriate emergency response team will be immediately advised that there is a problem before any further damage is caused. We protect your clients’ property as if it was our own.

The Affordable Alarm Monitoring Choice

The central station alarm monitoring system that we have developed also makes it easier to keep our operation costs down, so it will be an easy sale to your clients. We offer the most affordable wholesale alarm monitoring services because we believe that every home, business, and property owner has the right to a high-quality security system that gives them real peace of mind.

We constantly strive to reduce our expenses, without sacrificing quality of service or response times, so more people can afford the reassurance that comes with having an alarm monitoring system. It is the principle behind our wholesale alarm monitoring services.

Keeping Your Home & Business Safe

Our central station monitoring system in Springfield, MO, is the most reliable and affordable choice for keeping your clients’ property safe from intruders and destructive natural disasters. If you are looking for a better way to ensure that the alarms you have installed are being properly monitored, or if you are just looking for an additional revenue stream, please give Alarm Control Center a call today for a free estimate.