Wholesale Alarm Monitoring

Wholesale Alarm Monitoring Services from Alarm Control Center

The number one priority at Alarm Control Center is giving your clients the peace of mind they need to live their lives without fear. We are a wholesale alarm monitoring service that can keep a wide range of homes and businesses across the nation secure using our Central Station in Springfield, MO. We have been providing American alarm installers and security professionals with the most effective and affordable monitoring solutions for over fifty years.

We make sure that your customers’ property is always safe and secure from theft, fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Early detection of break-ins or natural disasters can significantly reduce the cost of damages. We use quick-response technology to ensure that any issues that occur on their property are responded to as quickly as possible.

Better System for Fewer False Alarms

Alarm Control Center uses the most state-of-the-art monitoring software to minimize the chances of false alarms. Unfortunately, we can’t actually prevent human errors that may be caused by your clients, but we can offer solutions to quickly cancel the alarm before emergency vehicles are actually dispatched.

We understand that the fees for false alarms can be quite expensive, which is why we have also invested time and money in developing solutions to reduce the chances of alarms going off without reason. Our wholesale alarm monitoring services are consistently reliable.

Security Shouldn’t Cost a Small Fortune

Alarm Control Center believes that everyone has the right to keep their property protected, which is why our wholesale alarm monitoring services use the most affordable and reliable technology and processes available. We also use an efficient Central Station to keep costs as low as possible, without affecting response times. Our low rates will make it easier to upgrade your clients to alarm monitoring and still make a worthwhile profit.

Less Worrying and Less Stress

A wholesale alarm monitoring service means the security systems you installed will be carefully watched so your clients can feel completely confident leaving their property unattended. They can walk away from it and trust that it will be in the same condition when they return. That is an easy add-on to sell when you are already installing an alarm system.

Alarm Control Center provides superior security and an additional revenue stream for your security business. Please contact Alarm Control Center today if your clients need a state-of-the-art alarm monitoring service for their property.