Central Station Monitoring Facility at Alarm Control Center

As security professionals, your business is based on providing countless homes and businesses with the means to keep their property safe and secure. Unfortunately, rising crime rates can make it difficult for people to feel comfortable leaving their property unattended, even for short periods of time. Thankfully, you can give your clients the peace of mind they deserve by partnering with our central station monitoring company.

Alarm Control Center’s Central Station

There are other wholesale alarm monitoring companies out there, but our central station monitoring facility gives Alarm Control Center the power to simultaneously monitor numerous properties throughout the United States. Everything is managed from one local control center to provide more efficient alarm monitoring and reduce emergency response times.

Using one central monitoring station and streamlining our response processes has improved our capabilities while keeping our costs and our fees as low as possible. At Alarm Control Center, we believe in making home security monitoring affordable to you, so you can make it affordable to your customers.

Faster Emergency Response Times

The central station monitoring system provides automatic problem identification and resolution for every property we monitor. The appropriate authorities will be immediately notified if there is any indication of an intruder, fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide on your clients’ property. Faster emergency response times will almost always result in less damage.

The Most Advanced Central Station Monitoring Company

There are other wholesale central station monitoring companies that offer similar service, but most don’t utilize the same advanced technology and software that we employ. We believe in investing in the best security systems available so your clients won’t have to worry about costly false alarms or frustrating alarm malfunctions. Our procedures also allow for us to quickly cancel unnecessary emergency service requests whenever they are detected.

Our central station monitoring company is the most reliable and affordable option for keeping your clients’ property secure every time it is left unattended. If you are interested in partnering with a qualified and experienced wholesale alarm monitoring provider, please give Alarm Control Center a call today for a free consultation.